The UWS Working in the Computing and Creative Technologies Conference is a one-day event on Wednesday, 16th March, 2016 which runs from 0920-1640 at the University of the West of Scotland’s Paisley campus. WICCT is aimed at Computing and Creative Technology students, graduates and companies.

WICCT’s central themes are employment and employability in the computing and creative industries. Students get an insight into getting started in your careers, find out what employers are looking for and how to get hired.  Graduates get advice and top tips on progressing up the ladder to the next stage of your careers. Companies connect with students and graduates, talent spot and, if you are in the market to hire, recruit.

Opening KeynoteStephen Flaherty, Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Keynote speakers: Andrew Dobbie, Founding Director, MadeBrave®,  David Mains, Director, Enigma People Solutions and David Moffat, Senior Developer and Team Lead, Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited.

Industry speakers include: Robbie Robinson, Technical Excellence Manager, JP Morgan; Jim Haughey and Slava Sannis, BT; Katy McCue, Resource Manager, Systal Technology Systems;  Karon Davies, Head of Business Operations and Aaron Dron, Director of Infrastructure & Tools, Codeplay; Anne Bryson, Group Technical Manager, Tom Millar, Group Trainer and Victoria Clark, HR Advisor, iomart; Sarah Berman/Rob Arnott, The Drum; Craig Hume, Director, Utopia Computers; Nicole Anderson, Co-Founder, Smudge Digital; Matthew Collins and Nana Hughes-Lartey, Directors, Rora Media; Rachael Baxter, Senior Account Manager and Mari Evans, Senior Technology Consultant, Nine Twenty; Joe Afif, Managing Director, Gradit; Gemma Webster, Member, e-Placement Scotland Student Engagement Team; Kevin Scullion, ScotGrad Programme Executive, Scottish Enterprise; Tim Street, Internship Manager, Adopt an Intern; Craig Pryde, Founder, Pryde Byte; Peter Satera, 2D/3D Artist & Adnimator; James McCulloch, 3D Artist/Generalist; Scott McLellan, 3D Artist/Animator, Solus Limited; Thomas Moore, Liam Fisher, Chris Gentles and Kenneth Mason,  HP Enterprise Services; Nelson McKinnon, Project Manager/Technical Lead, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde; Esther Maley, Web Developer and Stewart Kelt and Charles Seguin, Software Engineers, SCET and Julie McElroy, UWS SIE.

UWS WICCT Conference on 16th March 2016 0920-1640 Paisley campus.

WICCT 2016 is sponsored by Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce.

Stills photographs and video footage may be taken at this event and may be used online or in other media for UWS publicity purposes. If you have any concerns contact Evelyn FitzPatrick (0141 848 3319).


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